Established and incorporated in 2004, Design Group Beau is a full service architecture and design firm based in Los Angeles, California with licensure in 3 States including California, Nevada, and Arizona as well as licensure in Seoul, South Korea. Our firm provides practical and holistic design solutions for a wide range of clients from commercial to residential constructions and interior designs.

We engage with the unique and specific needs of each project and client through our service that encompasses all aspects of architectural design. This multi-level approach results in long term relationships with our clients, who seek assistance with creative solutions for their buildings and spaces.

Our project team works to serve our clients in the most effective way, establishing a direct line of communication between client and project architect/designers. In every major milestone of the project, we thoroughly re-evaluate project requirements and insure that the client’s initial goal, budget, and schedule are on the right track.

We keep up with the industry’s most advanced technologies & innovative methodologies in design and documentations, including the use of the Building Information Modeling software (BIM) to deliver the highest quality of documents from the conceptual design to the construction documentation.

Our sincere dedication to the client, deep expertise in design & construction and continuous application of innovative technology & methodology distinguish DGB+Line from other companies. Our long list of successful projects as well as long term relationships with clients are testimonial to the quality of our service. We will tackle and fulfill any and all types of projects, passionately working to make visions come alive.